C.L.E. Corojo

A bold and highly flavored, attention grabber, C.L.E. Corojo features a full-bodied profile and an abundance of intricate nuances. C.L.E. could easily be deemed the classic Corojo with zesty notes of earth, black pepper, oak, and roasted coffee – all of which are accompanied by a long and smooth finish. This beauty has earned a well-deserved 90-rating, noting, “Earthy coffee notes lead to a sweet vanilla finish on this well-made, even-burning cigar. It is rolled with a bulging middle, tapered foot and three-seam cap.” ALL C.L.E. COROJO CIGARS ARE AVAILABLE IN 25-COUNT BOXES.

40 x 4
46 x 5¾
50 x 5
54 x 4 NEW
60 x 4 NEW
60 x 6
70 x 4



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